Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sister's Christmas Present

I picked up my grandmother for Christmas dinner tonight (I know it's Dec 28, but that's how we do it here).  She told me that she got my sister $ for Christmas.  My sister didn't visit at all over the holidays not to my or anyone else's surprise.

Anyway, I advised to my grandmother that that wasn't a good idea for the obvious reason that the money would fuel the lifestyle that we all disagree with.  Anyway this got me thinking about alternative gifts.  It proved challenging since anything given could possibly be sold.  I suggested that she pay off some of her college debt.

Since my sister dropped out of college my parent told her that the debt that was assumed by our parents was her responsibility.  Legally speaking, my mother cosigned with her so my mom and my sister are responsible.  The deal had been, you go to college, graduate, and it would be paid for by our parents (I don't know how likely this was to begin with.  I think that I will end up paying my own debt considering my parent's financial condition).  She didn't do it so the debt is hers.

*We're back*
My Grandmother didn't think that would be a good gift. I couldn't think of what would be an alternative that would not be transformed someway into fueling her drug habit, but I did think of another gift:
(The Name is blacked out for obvious reasons)

This is a parody from Seinfeld where George, instead of giving his coworkers actual Christmas gifts, created a fake charity called, "The Human Fund."  It took me all of five minutes to make.  My parents didn't like it very much, but I think it's funny.

What do you think?


  1. Not bad, good quality post man :)

  2. That's a huge slap in the face, but pretty funny!

  3. @Buster, that's generally my sense of humor. I've been told that I need, lack a filter for what is distasteful. =/

  4. That is fucking hilarious. Yo ushould also change your message machine to "beleive it or isnt at home...leave the toneee"

  5. Pretty funny! I remember that episode.

  6. Well played. Sorry to hear about your sister :(

  7. I remember that on Seinfeld good adaptaion

  8. Quite the clever fellow, sounds like something I would do. Kudos to you.