Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Sister

Up until now I don't think I've mentioned that I have a sister.  I'm sorry for misleading, but I do.   She is 2 years younger than me.  Right now she works at Walmart.  She dropped out of school for the career move.  She also quit her job as a nursing assistant to move 3 hours away for her Walmart check out girl job.

You're probably wondering why she's making so many bad decisions.  She's an addict.  About a year ago she told my mom.  She was failing out of school, had tons of credit card debt.  She had also borrowed 700$ from me.  When I think back on it now, I realize that she was conning me.  Addicts are very manipulative.

I just realized the extent of how she tried to con me.  She had been in multiple car accidents, most likely because she was driving under the influence.  She got her boyfriend at the time who knew how to work on cars, or worked at an auto-body to fix it.  (All of this information I've gotten from her, so it has to be taken with a grain of salt).  He said that she wouldn't have to pay.  Eventually she broke up with him and he changed his mind.  She did have to pay.

That's when she asked me to borrow some money to pay him back.  I told her that she didn't have to.  She told me that he was threatening her, and that he was going to wait at the house.  I was at school, so I sped home to take care of the situation.  When I got home, the ex wasn't there, neither was my sister. She texted me that he left.  Now that I have the veil pulled from my eyes, I wonder how true this story is or if it was fabricated to con me.

Eventually, she told me that she needed to pay her credit card, and need 700$ to do so.  I told her I would lend it to her but she would have to pay me back with interest.  She had a job, and I didn't know she was an addict.  Given that this was the second time she tried to get money from me for another reason, I suspect that her reason wasn't true.  She just wanted money to fuel her habits.

It's so infuriating.  I don't believe in much of anything, but I used to expect that family members wouldn't try to hurt each other for their personal gain.

Anyway, fast forward.  She's with another boyfriend that she met in NA.  They are doing drugs again.  He's still legal married.  He also stole about 2000$ worth of tools from my father from two of our houses.  My sister sides with him because we have no hard proof.  But the probability that tools go missing from two houses in a relatively small time window at it being two different people that did it (two different thieves stole from our houses) is ridiculously unlikely.  The only person that is new to the household and had access to do it, and whose whereabouts match to the time line is the boyfriend.

This boyfriend also has a history of stealing and pawning stuff according to his family.  His dad kicked him out because he noticed that he was using again.  They are living with his grandparents now.

They lie so much.  I had a chance to talk to him and saw all these holes in the story.  Even when I point out the inconsistencies, they'll be quick to explain how they are right, or how what seems like an inconsistency is just a misinterpretation.  Foggy eyes don't lie.

Writing about this is starting to bother me.  The end for now


  1. Moving story my brother. FOllowing!

  2. I understand how you feel, got some close cousins that are kind of life that.

  3. I feel you, my cousin is in a bad spot now because of this kind of thing...

  4. I know how that goes but you can't let them get you down!