Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last night 12/23

Last night I went out to a bar by my house.  It was the first time I went there and it was pretty fun.  There was a great band, a few friends showed up.  One I hadn't seen in a while just finished school.   He's been in trouble with the law and he told me a little about that.  I don't want to go into much detail but it sucks and is scary.  I think that he'll be alright.  His court date is in a few months I think.  I hope everything works out alright.

Anyway later when I got home, another friend called me.  Truthfully I'm hoping for something more.  It was about 2:30AM and we talked to about 4:50AM.  I forget what we talked about but it must have been good.  I remember that I really talked up a Christmas gift I got her.  It's some antique wind up duck toy that was a great value on Etsy.  It looks really cool, I hope I'm not disappointed.  She told me something about dancing with a panda while she was out.  She lives pretty far away so we can't see each other too often.

Etsy is a great place.  If you haven't gone there you should.  People who love arts and crafts make awesome things (there are so many different things the site is well established).  Every time I visit the site I end up perusing for at least an hour.   The site is I don't work there or anything, but I really like the quality I don't see much junk.  And the prices are reasonable (some can be unreasonable), but you can always find awesome treasures for cheap.

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