Thursday, December 29, 2011

The New Religion

Let me preface by saying that I'm assuming a lot in constructing this theory, and I'm betting my background and education influences me greatly.  

It feels to me that religion has been continually losing sway over the public over time.  Centuries ago, a religion reigned supreme and kings of various sovereigns would look to the Vatican for approval of their reign, rules, and decisions.  With the rise of science the sway of religion has seen a precipitous drop.  I mean, science makes so much sense...

For a time, the transition from allegiance to religion to  allegiance to science caused the enlightenment.  The enlightenment was characterized by the shifting of explanation of phenomena  from, "because God wills it" to, "I don't know, but will find out".  To distill it down, the enlightenment was characterized by curiosity and skepticism  which we've since lost.

Every once in a while I find myself thinking, "[insert company X] should invent [insert product]."  This implies the idea that I'm incapable of making any headway of creating the thought of product, and put my faith into the new god,, in this example the corporation.  Thinking that I am unable, or that I do not have the resources to achieve what I've thought up is similiar to the, "because god wills it mentality."

The new gods are corporations, government, economies, and celebrities.  Anything or one we can look to for guidance or blame for our condition and circumstances.  People used to say, "God, why have you forsaken me?" and although the same language hasn't held through time, people still feel that way toward our new gods.

I see it everywhere, and I'm a victim of it too.  The idea that one cannot change anything materially.  Usually this is debated on the level of being able to change one's circumstances.  Can individuals change their circumstances?  Personally I think so, but I've seen my train of thought regarding my own capabilities stray from my said beliefs.  I've felt predestined to a certain grade in a class, regardless of how much effort I put into it.  When I feel this way, I don't put in any effort and learn nothing.

And generally, when people think that they cannot change their circumstances, they will do what I do when I think that studying or not studying will yield the same results, they give up.  If individuals are predestined or stuck in their circumstances, then is there a point to trying at anything?  Is this train of thought creating a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Should there be something done to instill a sense of individualism in people so that they at least try?  Because whether or not you're stuck with the hand you're dealt, if you don't try, you'll never know. 

Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts.  This is very debatable.  

I feel this post is a little unorganized.  For some reason I woke up feeling like my consciousnesses is clouded.


  1. I believe we have the option of changing our "destiny". The fact that we all have to follow and lead one life that was plotted out for us when we were conceived, seems to me a little weird. I'm a man of logic, as you can tell. When something is difficult for me, I do not back down. I view it as a challenge, and I strive to overcome said challenge or obstacle, feeling better as a person because of it. You learn from it as well. We constantly grow and learn.
    What you learn in a minute's time could save your life the minute after, if that makes sense.

  2. It felt organized enough! Interesting thoughts. I've never looked at it this way, but damn! I think we've let corporations and government seize too much power from the general population. I'm hoping that this changes in the near future, but given the mindset of most Americans, I doubt it will.

  3. Your writing style impresses me, something i hope to achieve too with my blog, do you happen to write for a newspaper?

    Also do not forget that religions even today still have a lot of (political) power.

  4. @CodingAndHacking, I don't write for a newspaper, but your post is absolutely flattering. Thanks! And yes, religions still have power, but relative to the amount they've had in the past, it's diminished (That's the feeling I get at least).

  5. These are some really good thoughts. I agree with and hadn't considered most of them. Is being stuck in a certain social or economic circumstance really much different from being predestined by a god to be some way?