Monday, December 26, 2011

Mortal Kombat, X-men, DBZ

They need to remake this movie or make a sequel.  The Mortal Kombat movie tried to put too much in too little time.  There is so much potential for an amazing movie now considering all of the CGI advancements that happened in the last Decade.  Any way, if you have comcast, Mortal Kombat is in the free movie section.

Also the video game for Sega Saturn was one of the best games ever.  It was challenging but not so much so that you got discouraged playing it.  I wish I still had a Sega.

There is so much unexplored potential.  Every character has unexplained origination stories that could be exploited.  I'm surprised that Hollywood hasn't thought of this yet.  I think the characters are as interesting as the X-men characters if not more so because of the whole dynamic of parallel worlds and that those with special powers are much rarer than x-men and more believable than DBZ.

I don't know if I'm stirring the pot, but I think overall, Mortal Kombat > DBZ > X- Men.

For the aformentioned mix of the premise, back story of characters, and their powers I believe that Mortal Kombat is the best of the three.

DBZ second because although it is awesome, there is no pretending that with enough will power and training one could be on their level.  Although bringing believably into consideration, seems irrational since all of these are hardly believable, I think relative to each other, DBZ is the least believable.  (Individual beings destroying planets with their un-augmented powers?)

Although the X-Men movies made me like the concept of mutant super powers more, the lack of rarity and the involvement of political struggle detracts from the potential of this franchise.  X-men is a struggle of a transitional species for survival.  There is also an indication that the Human race is evolving toward consisting entirely of mutants since mutants are relatively new in the history of the Homo sapien specie.  Considering this one can see the allegory that the human race is headed toward self-destruction since we are rejecting our future.

Generally X-men is a story that points out the flaws of Society while Mortal Kombat and DBZ show the ability that society has to overcome adversity.


  1. I would love to see a DBZ Movie. It'd be hilarious and awesome at the same time

  2. There actually is a DBZ movie. It was terrible, nothing like the TV show. I think to pull off a DBZ movie they'd need a pretty big budget. It was called Dragonball Evolution it got 14% on Rotten tomatoes:

  3. Mortal Kombat > X- Men > DBZ

    Fixed that for you. ;)

  4. I agree with a lot of these points.

  5. certain things aren't meant to be in the movies... dbz is one of them

  6. I Saw the Dragonball Movie... this film is not entertainment on any level.