Monday, December 26, 2011

Cashtexts: Scam or Not? I say not.

So I came across this little scheme called cashtexts:

Basically, I believe it is legitimate.  so I signed up.  There is no real reason not to, they pay you a little bit every time they send you an Ad or a coupon to your phone.  There is real potential, after getting a base of people you referred to sign up to make some money.  Doing the math in the graphic proves this.

The site is still beta testing so they aren't sending out texts now.  But once they do, the referrals should really start taking off. I started a few days ago and I have had 15 people sign up so once the texts start I'll be making 5(.05)(15)= 3.75$ a day doing nothing.  I plan to keep at it so that I make about 10$ a day.

It's only US and Canada right now, but if you live outside that area, you can still refer people to make money.

If you think this is a worthwhile idea, use my referral link:

Let me know what you all think as always I appreciate your feedback.


  1. DEEPAKS MAKIN BANK! great input loving it! keep up the good work!

  2. The site wouldn't give me my texts for some reason.